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Powerful Women’s Networking Series

The Powerful Women’s Networking series started as small private get togethers because I am always trying to connect dynamic women who have a lot in common and a lot to share with one another. Because there never seemed to be enough time in the week, I decided to start having private pool parties to facilitate these meetings. I started featuring women business owners, such as CEOs, health practitioners, caterers and performers who brought their special knowledge and services, and added an experiential component to the events. These events were a great success, connecting powerful, talented women and helping those in attendance expand their networks and businesses. The events have since grown and taken place in a variety of interesting environments such as art galleries and salons. The atmosphere is casual and intimate, providing a safe space for women to talk and relax while learning new skills, expanding their networks, and gathering energy and inspiration for their Visions. 
N.B. We also have FREE ONLINE Networking Events on the Vision Quest Retreats Facebook page from time to time. 

To learn more about these events and to register for the next event, please join our Mailing List.

Annual Dream to Design to Destiny Women’s Conference

The purpose of the Dream to Design to Destiny Women’s conference is to provide women with:
  • Insights and breakthroughs that lead to success
  • Practical knowledge, skills and tools that lead to success
  • Opportunities to connect with other women who are living their visions of success

Topics presented at the conferences include those related to emotional, physical, spiritual and financial well being.

Review more information about our last Women’s Conference.

Comments from anonymous conference feedback survey:

– I was very impressed and can’t wait for the next one.

– I could have stayed all day listening to positive, motivating, knowledgeable, enjoyable speakers.

– I enjoyed the opportunity for networking, the simplicity of the program, and a comfortable environment for interactive participation.

– I got a lot out of the presentations, knowledge that I can apply in my life and business. The written exercise was helpful, so were the handouts.

– The speakers and the group as a whole–interesting, dedicated, accomplished, adventurous, women from different fields and points of view.

– I enjoyed the presentations and learning how to really make my dreams happen.

– I got a lot out of the information shared during the conference as well as the diversity of those who attended.

– Being around such wonderful and positive people who are committed to creating and defining their success!

– I loved the opportunity to network both before and after the conference.

– It was great- all info was relevant, helpful, and useful. Honestly, I came for this type of information; practical steps for achieving the most in my life.

– Thank you very much! I am so glad I attended and got a lot out of it–especially the group dynamics and synergy. 

Women Owned Business Wednesdays

Women Owned Business Wednesdays (WOBWs) was established in conjunction with the “Taking Your Dreams from Design to Destiny” Women’s Conference held Jan. 15, 2011 in Washington, DC.

In support of the mission of Vision Quest Retreats, WOBWs supports and celebrates women businesses owners so they might live their visions of success.


I. Believe in abundance and share, because there is enough for everyone and

II. No “mean girls” allowed!

What we do

  • We host special online and live events such as book talks and discussions that connect Women Business Owners with each other.
  • Offer specials and discounts on goods and services from women business owners to fans of WOBWs and Vision Quest Retreats.
  • We promote the women business owners who offer specials to our fans and promote the fans that support these events by putting them “on blast” wherever we promote Vision Quest Retreats and similar events i.e. conference programs, newsletters, blogs, and other social media platforms.

How to get involved?

  • Offer a special on your goods and services and be promoted.
  • Spread the word by inviting others to join WOBWs Facebook Page
  • Post information about your favorite women business owners (yourself included) who are doing big things with their businesses on the Women Owned Business Wednesdays page and website.
  • Don’t be shy start promoting your business today…tell us about the big things you are doing!
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