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The services of Vision Quest Retreats are here to help those on the heroine’s quest discover and live their purpose through their life’s work. Through Retreats, Success Coaching, Solution Focused Therapy, Speaking Engagements and other inspiring Events for Women, Vision Quest Retreats offers unique access to opportunities, adventures and networks to help you discover, clarify and ultimately achieve your Vision of Success! If you want to do what you love and love what you do read on.

Why women choose Vision Quest Retreats’ services.

As you read the scenarios below, see if you identify yourself in any of them. Wherever you find yourself, you too can achieve your ideal vision of success and Vision Quest Retreats’ services can help you.

Call to Adventure

Do you feel a vision calling you to a higher level? Has your life become mundane? Are you seeking a new challenge and feeling inspired to pursue your passion as your life’s work, but unsure of where to begin?  Like a baby who cautiously takes her first steps, then eagerly walks with confidence and strength, Vision Quest Retreats can provide you with tools to help you embark on your heroine’s adventure with solid footing. The time to heed the call to adventure is now!

Slay the Dragon

On the heroine’s quest we often encounter “Dragons.” These Dragons are any great challenges to achieving your vision of success. They appear as blocks and a feeling of being stuck. These blocks may appear in the form of fear, procrastination or self-doubt. No matter how you have tried to break through them in the past, you continue to feel defeated. If you are ready to break through these blocks, now is the time to enlist an ally. Vision Quest Retreats can help guide and arm you with techniques and weapons to slay the dragons now!

Deliver Your Gift to the World

Perhaps you have already embarked on the heroine’s journey to unite with your vision of success, overcome many obstacles, and are now ready to deliver the magic elixir (your vision) to the world. This could mean making a big splash or taking your vision to the next level. This is a perfect time to enlist the help of a coach who is a seasoned traveler of the ‘magic’ world of visions who can give you training, tools and special knowledge that will help you on this stage of the journey. When you are ready, Vision Quest Retreats can help you return to the ‘ordinary’ world with your gifts intact, so they can make the most powerful impact on those you are ready to serve.

Phoenix Rising

For many women the story of rebirth and resurrection that the Phoenix represents is not a myth. Perhaps you have encountered a major setback like job loss, the end of a major relationship or some other catastrophic loss? Are you ready, like the Phoenix, to rise from the ashes of this setback into your new larger life? It is not unusual that a major loss can signal the beginning of a new and greater vision than the one you previously lived. If something deep inside of you is ready for this rebirth it is time and Vision Quest Retreats can help you give birth to your new life.

Second Life Adventure

Perhaps you heeded a call to adventure many years ago or you lived a wonderful, productive life, and it’s now time to heed a second call. Some people call this Act II. Perhaps you are close to retirement or have already retired, and are asking yourself, “What’s next?” Maybe you raised a family and now with an “empty nest,” there is new space for you and your dreams. Or perhaps you had secret or not so secret dreams to do something else with your life; like write, paint or open a business. Whatever this second call to adventure is, your time is now and Vision Quest Retreats can help you not only heed this call, but give birth to this new vision.

Whatever your reason for seeking the heroine’s adventure, contact us to explore how Vision Quest Retreats can help you on your journey.


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