Success Stories

Shelley Huber, Founder MindBody360 (Slay the Dragon) "I was at a crossroads when I sought Nicole's help. I gained a great sense of clarity working with her. She helped me get rid of the "shoulds” and focus on what I really needed to do. Working with Nicole was the catalyst to a career and life change that continues to amaze, excite and inspire me!"

-Shelley Huber, Founder MindBody360 (Slay the Dragon)

Lisa Sacco, G. Lola Stylist and Founder, PARCs as quoted in the Washington Post (2011) "I was inclined to go back to what I knew, what was easy for me, but when I started talking to Nicole, she helped me see the obvious: There are other things that are important to me now, not just getting a job and making money. When you talk about visions and goals, it can be kind of vague. But Nicole has a very concrete way of communicating how to make those things materialize. It’s very practical.”

-Lisa Sacco, G. Lola Stylist and Founder, PARCs as quoted in the Washington Post (2011)

Natalie Burton (Call to Adventure) "I sought Nicole's expertise when I took the momentous decision to switch careers, quit my good paying job and go to graduate school full time to study international relations — a field completely unrelated to any professional work I had ever done. I needed help with the concept of ‘change’ and the stress that comes with it. Nicole helped me get to the root of my anxiety and panic by giving me small vision exercises where I had to create a verbal snapshot of my ideal life. What was happening, who was there, how did I feel…It was amazing to do this — like painting a picture! What was spectacular about it all is that 95% of that vision came to fruition. I've learned to create these visual landscapes often, and working with Nicole has taught me how to find clarity and will power from within when I'm challenged.”

-Natalie Burton (Call to Adventure)

Joey Rick, Organizational Development Consultant at Steward & Vine Nicole's events are always refreshing! They allow groups of creative and compelling women to mingle, share stories, and swap wisdom. Nicole orchestrates them perfectly -- allowing a balance of organic networking and programmed conversation. The topics are engaging and her presenters always share useful information. It's a great time of fellowship and laughter. Vision Quest Retreat events are the perfect remedy for the life or business blahs — they inspire and give a new outlook on the old rigmarole!

-Joey Rick, Organizational Development Consultant at Steward & Vine

Stacey Long (Deliver Your Gift to the World) "Nicole coached me to prepare for my first keynote address. I was extremely nervous about the speech and close to freaking out all together. I felt frantic and sought her expertise and guidance. During the session, Nicole shared a number of tried and true public speaking tips in a very nuanced way. She showed me how I could bring my unique self into the presentation. Her coaching style was just the right balance of prompting and coddling. When I left the session, I felt like I had a plan, I knew how to execute the plan, and I could and would deliver a great keynote at the conference. In short, working with Nicole didn't just give me a list of professional success tips; her coaching style boosted my confidence and reinforced my faith in myself as a competent professional woman. I received high praises and compliments for my keynote address and I know it was because of my session with Nicole.”

-Stacey Long (Deliver Your Gift to the World)

Kelly Green, Creator of Insider Branding Strategies for the Aspiring Entrepreneur "Before being featured on the WOBWs chat I had some projects that weren’t progressing, but having the chat gave me more clarity on the direction I wanted to go. I advertised a promotion during the chat and 2 of the participants signed up! It also inspired me to do more tele-seminars to grow my list.”

-Kelly Green, Creator of Insider Branding Strategies for the Aspiring Entrepreneur


As a result of Nicole leading a WOBWs discussion about visiting the Madame CJ Walker museum in Indiana, representatives from the museum chimed in during the Facebook discussion and offered to ‘roll out the red carpet’ for WOBW fans who visit.