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Visualize Your Success: How to Make a Vision Board. In Career Focus With Dr. Nicole Cutts. Vol. 4, Issue 2 The Kaitz Quarterly

A Success Gut-Check: The business practice they don’t teach you in business school by Suze Orman via Success Magazine

How to Take Your Career to the Next Level: Accessing the Power of Passionate Purpose by Nicole Cutts via Capital Connections: Newsletter of The National Black MBA Association Inc.

A Letter from Oprah: “Go with the Flow…” via O Magazine

Do You Have What it Takes to Be a Great Leader? By Nicole Cutts via Capital Connections: Newsletter of The National Black MBA Association Inc.

Time Management: How To Work Smarter Not Harder And Get More Done Part I by Nicole Cutts via

Turn Your Thinking Upside Down By Pema Chödrön via Shambala Sun

Deepak Chopra: A Life of Fulfillment: On Moving from Success to Significance by Mike Zimmerman via Success Magazine

What’s Happening to Women’s Happiness by Marcus Buckingham via The Huffington Post

Web Resources

Vision Quest Retreats on Facebook Online community and resources for those living their visions of success

The Vision Quest Chronicles Travelogue of the Heroine’s Quest of Dr. Nicole Cutts, living her Vision of Success and helping others do the same. Drop by and tell us about your journey.

Women Owned Business Wednesdays (WOBWs) on Facebook. Online community helping women business owners and their fans achieve their visions of success in a context of prosperity, WOBWs promotes and celebrates women owned businesses through events, networking and the sharing of information and resources. No mean girls allowed!

Entrepreneurial Toolkit via Success Magazine. Great resources including videos, books and other sites essential for small businesses. Resources, articles other resources and opportunities for entrepreneurs

Black Enterprise Small Business Page Articles, videos and other great resources for small businesses

Suze Orman’s Website Great resources and information on personal finance to help create the framework for the success of your Visions

Shakti Gawain’s Website Shakti Gawain, author of Creative Visualization and other bestselling books in her field such as The Path of Transformation, Creating True Prosperity, and Developing Intuition.

Magazines and Journals

Success Magazine

PINK For the over 70 million women who work

Entrepreneur Magazine

Harvard Business Review

Hispanic Business

More Magazine For women of style and substance


25 Must-Read Books: The Sources of Wisdom for Generations of Achievers by Erin Casey via Success Magazine

Boldt, Laurence G.  (1996). How to find the work you love. New York, NY: Penguin Compass.

Boldt, Laurence G.  (1999). Zen and the art of making a living. New York, NY: Penguin Compass.

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Choquette, Sonia (1997). Your Heart’s Desire: Instructions for Creating the Life You Really Want.  New York, NY: Three Rivers Press.

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Cameron, Julia (1992).  The artist’s way:  A spiritual path to higher creativity.  New York, NY:  Penguin Putnum Inc.

Chopra, Deepak (1994).  The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success: A Practical Guide to the Fulfillment of Your Dreams. San Rafael, CA: New World Library-Amber-Allen Publishing.

Chopra, Deepak (1993). Creating Affluence: Wealth Consciousness in the Field of All Possibilities. CA: New World Library.

Gawain, Shakti  (1985).  Creative Visualization.  New York, NY:  Bantam New Age Books.

Gibran, Kahlil (1923). “On Work” p. 25 The Prophet.  New York, NY: Alfred A. Knopf, Inc.

Ruiz, Don Miguel (1997) The Four Agreements, a Toltec Wisdom Book: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom” Amber-Allen Publishing, Inc. San Rafael, CA:

Sher, Barbara & Smith, Barbara (1994).  I could do anything if I only knew what is was: How to discover what you really want and how to get it.  New York, NY: Dell Publishing.

Williamson, Marriane (1994).  Illuminata: A Return to Prayer. New York, NY: Berkley Publishing Group, a Division of Penguin Putnam.

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