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Removing yourself from the noise and chatter of everyday life is an essential part of the Heroine’s Journey. Retreating enables you to listen to your inner voice and receive guidance about your true purpose and calling. Embarking on a Vision Quest Retreat also offers you a unique opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of life, relax, rejuvenate and focus on yourself and your vision. The settings in which Vision Quest Retreats take place vary, but some common elements you will find are beautiful natural settings and secluded, peaceful environs. The “work” that takes place on a Vision Quest Retreat means that you will return with greater clarity, direction, motivation and an action plan to carry out your life’s work.

What will you find on a Vision Quest Retreat?

  • Quiet time for reflection and exploration in a peaceful supportive atmosphere.
  • Highly trained, credentialed and experienced facilitators, instructors and coaches to encourage and support your self-reflection and growth both during and after the retreat.
  • A network of powerful women living their visions of success.
  • Breathtaking views, adventure and fun.
  • The path back to you, your power and what you were meant to do.

*As an added benefit: healthy meals, optional yoga, massage, and other spa services.

What you will gain by embarking on your Vision Quest Retreat?

  • Clarity about your Vision of Success, life’s Mission and Purpose.
  • Renewed energy and motivation.
  • A clear plan to help you achieve your Vision of Success.
  • Invaluable information, tools, and a network of women to help you achieve and sustain your success.


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